Getting close to the 31st so that means it’s getting close to regular posts again.  I’ve got a buffer going, and I’m still working on making it bigger.  It’s not quite as large as I want it to be, but it will serve its purpose.  I’m going to do a Tuesday/Thursday update schedule for now, and that should guarantee regular posts until the new year.  

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  1. Ah, but if you had read the rest of the post, you will notice that I’m on a Tuesday/Thursday update schedule, which means it will be posted tonight at 1:00 am. I know, I said the 31st, but I counted the days wrong, I meant Tuesday the 1st. It will be up, promise you. ;D

  2. Likely Story!!! We want our comic! You took calendar reading 101. I am sure that you know from the final that the date changes just after 11:59:59 pm. And that August, on no calendar, has 32 days. So the end of August is tic tic ticking ever closer. I am sure that Haiduk will allow you an extension though right??? Oh but then again there is no Haiduk in your future… So what my Gigantic Freaking Friend could be the excuse… We, your followers, hold you in the highest reguard… Just give us the comic!

  3. Well, technically, it’s already posted, so I did actually post it on or before the 31st. You just won’t be able to see it until 1:00 am on the 1st of September. ;D

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