What if the Matrix was a role-playing game instead of a movie? Inspired by DM of the Rings.

Boot Up

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Today marks the beginning of "Into the Looking Glass."  The first comic gives a small insight into some of the characters and their personalities.  Later on, there will be a page devoted to the various players with brief biographies and what type of player they represent.  At this point the players have created their characters,… Continue reading Boot Up

Let the Game Begin

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Yeah, there is one in almost every group.  The player who likes to fight the plot, get the party in all sorts of messes that could have easily been avoided, and actually turn party members against one another.  If there is one thing a GM needs in order to run a successful campaign, is flexibility.  That… Continue reading Let the Game Begin

Pointer Sister

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Here we get a glimpse of Chad’s character, Trinity, in action.  Chad is your typical min/maxer.  For those who aren’t familiar with the term "min/maxer", it’s a person that looks at a game and creates an optimized character based on the rules, loopholes and arcane majicks.  The result is typically a super character that the… Continue reading Pointer Sister

Celebrate Good Times

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It’s always disheartening as a GM when the finely honed story and that you have spent countless hours on is derailed by a singular event.  It’s even more disheartening when the ad-hoc compensation you come up with to try and put everything back on track is taken down as easily as a house made out… Continue reading Celebrate Good Times

Singin’ in the Rain of Bullets

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Singing, in our group, was a no-no.  None of us were any good at it, but if it started, the whole session was doomed.  We would be singing whatever came to mind all night long, making dogs howl and neighbors scramble for their phones.   

It Takes Two to Tango

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Fighting in most pen and paper RPGs is the most time consuming element of the game.  Only character creation comes close to matching it.  Depending on the battle, it might take literally hours to conclude a five to ten minute brawl.  Of course, everything else in the RPG (setting, story/back-story, NPC interaction) for most players… Continue reading It Takes Two to Tango

A Change in Plans

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Whoops.  I apologize for the comic being late today.  I was up until the wee hours of the morning and forgot all about posting it.  And my dog ate my homework.  As a GM, you really have to be flexible.  In order to be a decent or good GM, you have to be the definition… Continue reading A Change in Plans


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Most of the time the line between player and character is blurred.  So blurred, in fact, that many times the GM has to specifically tell the player their character wouldn’t have knowledge of a certain situation.  The road goes two ways, though.  There are many times as a GM that you know information about the players’… Continue reading Flight

Never Give Up

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LARP stands for Live Action Role-Playing.  It’s a curious phenomenon where roleplayers just aren’t satisfied in pretending to be a fantasy character for a few hours a week.  No, they take it a bit further and dress up as their fantasy character and play the game as if it were real.  Costumes, battle enactments and… Continue reading Never Give Up