What if the Matrix was a role-playing game instead of a movie? Inspired by DM of the Rings.

Gonna Fly Now

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Sometimes as a GM, in order to move things along, you have to change plans when a player (or players) are being particularly stubborn.  Sometimes thinning out the competition will lead players toward where you want them to go.  Then again, some players just like running.

I Think We’re Alone Now

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Sorry for being late on this one.  Discreet math is sucking my will to live. As a GM, you have to give your players choices.  If you don’t, you are basically playing a very weird game of make-believe where you control your friends like some kind of real life action figure, only imaginary.  If you… Continue reading I Think We’re Alone Now

Human Racing

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Sometimes as a GM players help out by "roleplaying" frustration with the situation.  This often adds flavor to the game and helps set the scene in a more menacing light.  Just make sure that your current obsession doesn’t flavor the game too much or your players will call you out.

Until We Meet Again

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So ends the first gaming session.  Future sessions are always in jeopardy, even in close knit groups.  Life happens, and usually when one person cancels, other cancellations ensue.  It’s the nature of the beast.  This game though is guaranteed to have a session two, so you don’t get out that easy.

The One

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Roleplaying games give players the opportunity to use their imaginations to live fantastical lives through their characters.  They get to be awe inspiring wizards who manipulate arcane powers.  Fearsome warriors with no equal on the battlefield.  Galactic renown space-fighter pilots with reflexes so quick you don’t see them move until they are gone.  Some players… Continue reading The One