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  1. Please don't fall in the same silence again. Just pick it up again and go on – don't stop. And instead of updating every three days and then falling silent, just update once a week. It gives you more time to work on your next time  AND  a day where you can say that we just need to wait another week instead of just silence.


    It looks promising and good, but come on, your not even out of the matrix and your already falling silence twice?!?! not good. 

    at least start it up a bit further before falling silent again – or just let us know you'll stop (what would be ashame, because man this really looks promising!)

  2. Yes, posting has been sporadic for a while.  I do intend to keep updating, but it will probably still be spotty for a little while longer.  I do appreciate you reading though and feedback is always welcome.

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