How movies probably should have played out in real life.

Zombies Ate My Dingo

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The first How It Should Have Happened is up. The first set in this series explores 28 Weeks Later. Spoilers below: 28 Weeks Later is a sequel in a modern day zombie movie with a twist. The zombies were created by an extremely contagious virus (called the Rage Virus, if memory serves) that takes only… Continue reading Zombies Ate My Dingo

With Great Heights Comes Great Responsibility

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28 Weeks Later wasn’t a bad film until it started stretching the bounds of how people interact with reality.  I’m not talking virus created zombies that kill anything that moves (except for each other, which I did find rather convenient).  I understand that a movie like this is going to go outside the lines when… Continue reading With Great Heights Comes Great Responsibility


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Yep, another small bladder joke. 28 Weeks Later is filmed in a very jittery way.  I guess the cameramen ran along side the actors as they did their thing, because half the movie is nothing but action blur.  This actually draws the viewer in nicely in some of the more intense scenes, however it has… Continue reading Jitter-bug

Free At Last!

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I guess a zombie epidemic would be one way to get rid of the "ol’ ball and chain."  The distressed/angry look you see on the mom (Alice) is just about the only look you see from that character.  I wonder if they cast her just for that look.

Home Sweet Home

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Okay, this is probably the first gaping hole in the movie.  Any quarantine area secured by the military is going to be air tight both coming and going.  I’m letting this slide, however, because if anyone can find a security hole, it would be a teenager. 

For We Can Fly

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Ah, we’ve rounded past the half-way point on the first "How it Should Have Happened" series, and are drawing closer to the finish.  The mom survived!  Who knew?  Yeah, it was fairly obvious in the movie too. On another totally unrelated note, CFL’s are awesome… until they start to go out.  Once that happens, the flicker… Continue reading For We Can Fly

You’ll Feel a Little Pinch

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If you are seeing this, then the automated posting feature is working great.  I’m actually out of town (and offline somewhat) until later this week. Here’s the first look we see with the doctor (the one in the mask).  She plays a pivotal role in the movie, but I’m relegating her to a minor character… Continue reading You’ll Feel a Little Pinch

Uh Oh

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Still out of touch.  With reality or just the inter-tubes, well, that’s for you to decide… What kind of kick in the balls would it be to find out the wife you left behind to get mauled by virus-infected zombies actually survives and gets found by your kids?  The same kids you informed that their… Continue reading Uh Oh

And a Mop

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One has to love Army efficiency.  If it can’t be cured or innoculated against, it has to be killed. In the movie, Carlisle’s character is actually able to use his keypass to get into a highly secure military quarantine area.  He does this looking for his wife.  He has his reunion, gives her a big,… Continue reading And a Mop

End of an Ending

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Ah, the final scene.  This is what the first nine pages was bringing to a close.  This is my vision of what should have happened.  Sure, it makes for a very short movie, but it makes more sense than having a civilian refugee with free access to the entire base getting infected and starting everything… Continue reading End of an Ending