End of an Ending

Ah, the final scene.  This is what the first nine pages was bringing to a close.  This is my vision of what should have happened.  Sure, it makes for a very short movie, but it makes more sense than having a civilian refugee with free access to the entire base getting infected and starting everything over again.  Not only that, but when he did get infected, he seemed to retain some sort of intelligence which goes against everything that was established about the virus in the first movie and the beginning of the second.  I don’t mind fantastic tales, in fact some of my favorite movies are all about fantasy.  But making characters and established organizations break their own rules and defy logic is a deal breaker for me.  As good as the first movie was, this movie started out great, then burst the bubble at this point.  From here on it’s a never ending stream of BS.  If there is a third (the end left it open for one), I certainly hope they go back to the original premise, right the train on its tracks and get back to making a movie that is worth watching.

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