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There's always a player who writes up a detailed equipment list that usually contains several items or devices that the GM wouldn't think could ever be used within a campaign, and inevitably the player comes up with some twisted, yet plausible, way to use it during the campaign.

On another note, it's been almost three years since the last update.

Sorry about that.

Pain Is So Close To Pleasure

Pain Is So Close To Pleasure published on No Comments on Pain Is So Close To Pleasure

 The main function as a GM is to describe the world to the players interacting with it.  This includes describing things happening to the players, including any pain associated with that action.  Sometimes GMs take great pleasure in this aspect of the job…

Don’t Speak

Don’t Speak published on No Comments on Don’t Speak

 As a GM, in order to keep the game moving forward, you sometimes have to use executive power and override player freedom.  This will be met with resistance, and it’s a delicate balance to maintain.  The power can be used too much or abused, and that usually spells death for the game.  Throw the player a bone and give them the illusion of a savings throw.

And to translate the last frame: "Savings roll, Bitch!"

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