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Living in the Past

Living in the Past published on No Comments on Living in the Past

 Most of the time players gloss over their character bios.  They usually jot down one or two lines of generic backstory and focus more on the here-and-now, then fill in their history as it’s convenient.  What’s fun is when a player totally blows off the bio and makes up some ridiculous back story.  Wedging it into the game repeatedly makes the game even more fun for both the GM and players.  Except for the player with the bad back story, that is.

Neo Got A Raw Deal

Neo Got A Raw Deal published on 1 Comment on Neo Got A Raw Deal

Players fear no authority figure.  Most of the time.  A good GM will make it clear that player actions have consequences, and sometimes those consequences lead to rolling a new character.  As a GM, sometimes you have to lay down the law to your players.  Let them know who’s in charge. There’s a fine line to this though, players aren’t overly attached to beginning characters, and you risk killing the game altogether when you kill off a character.  


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Juggling players and their personalities can be harrowing at times, especially when some of the players aren’t exactly friendly towards one another.  It doesn’t help that some players tend to steal the show once in a while and re-railing them sometimes makes the game concentrate on their character more than others.  As a GM, you don’t just manage the game setting, environment and NPCs, you also have to sometimes manage the people playing the game as well. 

Life in the Fast Lane

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Players will almost always want to take the path that leads to certain death.  As a GM, if you want the game to last more than an hour or so, you will have to steer them in the right direction from time to time.  Of course, from time to time, you will also want to hasten their deaths yourself.

I Fought the Law

I Fought the Law published on No Comments on I Fought the Law

 The beautiful thing about NPCs is they have no life other than the one you give them.  They have no family commitments to worry about, no plans made, no schedules to keep.  This can help GMs move players toward a specific path without totally railroading the game.

Bang the Drum All Day

Bang the Drum All Day published on No Comments on Bang the Drum All Day

Give players an inch, and they will take 1.9174×1013 miles.  Fortunately, as a GM, you have clairvoyance and can grant misguided shopping spree wishes when you know that there is no chance they will ever benefit from their ridiculous requests.

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