Zombies Ate My Dingo

The first How It Should Have Happened is up. The first set in this series explores 28 Weeks Later. Spoilers below:

28 Weeks Later is a sequel in a modern day zombie movie with a twist. The zombies were created by an extremely contagious virus (called the Rage Virus, if memory serves) that takes only moments to proliferate through the host body. Those infected lose their minds and become killing machines. The infected don’t last long, however. They typically only live around 28 days (the title of the first movie), after which they starve. By the time the second movie comes along, it’s been 28 weeks since the initial breakout, and most of England is dead from the virus. Those that are still alive are herded into a refugee camp in a quarantined area set up by the Unites States Army.

This first page pokes fun of the access that one of the main characters has in this refugee camp.  He basically has a card that lets him into everything, including highly secure military areas.

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28 Weeks Later

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