For We Can Fly

Ah, we’ve rounded past the half-way point on the first "How it Should Have Happened" series, and are drawing closer to the finish. 

The mom survived!  Who knew?  Yeah, it was fairly obvious in the movie too.

On another totally unrelated note, CFL’s are awesome… until they start to go out.  Once that happens, the flicker is like having a campfire hiding somewhere in the room.

Home Sweet Home

Okay, this is probably the first gaping hole in the movie.  Any quarantine area secured by the military is going to be air tight both coming and going.  I’m letting this slide, however, because if anyone can find a security hole, it would be a teenager. 

Free At Last!

I guess a zombie epidemic would be one way to get rid of the "ol’ ball and chain." 

The distressed/angry look you see on the mom (Alice) is just about the only look you see from that character.  I wonder if they cast her just for that look.


Yep, another small bladder joke.

28 Weeks Later is filmed in a very jittery way.  I guess the cameramen ran along side the actors as they did their thing, because half the movie is nothing but action blur.  This actually draws the viewer in nicely in some of the more intense scenes, however it has the draw back that too much of it causes some viewers physical discomort.  About halfway through the movie, I started getting eye strain and soon after a headache insued.  The only other time I’ve ever experienced this type of actual physical response to the cinematography of a movie is with Natural Born Killers.  That movie took three tries to get through it just once.  The odd camera angles, the pan-ins and pan-outs and the psychedelic colors threw me for a loop, and nausiated me at some points. 

The film jitter gets old after a while when watching the film after the first time.  It almost takes away from the enjoyment of watching the movie again, because you now know what to expect, and want to see all the detail.  However, all you get is a hurried blur and then it’s on to the next scene.  

With Great Heights Comes Great Responsibility

28 Weeks Later wasn’t a bad film until it started stretching the bounds of how people interact with reality.  I’m not talking virus created zombies that kill anything that moves (except for each other, which I did find rather convenient).  I understand that a movie like this is going to go outside the lines when it comes to being real.  However, in order to make it immersive, you have to portray your characters as real people in an unreal situation.  They have to still behave and interact in the same manner as they would without the extraordinary circumstances.  This movie loses that about a third of the way in. 

Zombies Ate My Dingo

The first How It Should Have Happened is up. The first set in this series explores 28 Weeks Later. Spoilers below:

28 Weeks Later is a sequel in a modern day zombie movie with a twist. The zombies were created by an extremely contagious virus (called the Rage Virus, if memory serves) that takes only moments to proliferate through the host body. Those infected lose their minds and become killing machines. The infected don’t last long, however. They typically only live around 28 days (the title of the first movie), after which they starve. By the time the second movie comes along, it’s been 28 weeks since the initial breakout, and most of England is dead from the virus. Those that are still alive are herded into a refugee camp in a quarantined area set up by the Unites States Army.

This first page pokes fun of the access that one of the main characters has in this refugee camp.  He basically has a card that lets him into everything, including highly secure military areas.

Off to a Good Start

For those who have stumbled upon this small section of the digital landscape, welcome.  In the near future, this page will be showing comics that I’ve created using screen captures from various movies.  The first movie on the list is 28 Weeks Later.  This comic will be part of a series called “What Should Have Happened”.  This series will explore movies that totally miss the mark on how people act and react to the world around them.  Most of the time, the movie would be over shortly after it started if the characters acted in a normal, somewhat logical manner.  Movie writers, however, ignore common sense and logic when writing characters to advance the plot, which kills any enjoyment from the movie. 

The second series is titled “Into the Looking Glass”.  This is a screen capture comic that parodies the Matrix movies from the viewpoint of a roleplaying game group ala DM of the Rings and Darths and Droids.  Both of those are excellent comics, so mine should balance things out nicely.  I’ve actually had the idea of doing a Matrix themed comic for a while (ever since Shamus questioned why there wasn’t one), but held out because I was sure someone else would start it.  Well, over a year later, I guess it’s time.