Yep, another small bladder joke.

28 Weeks Later is filmed in a very jittery way.  I guess the cameramen ran along side the actors as they did their thing, because half the movie is nothing but action blur.  This actually draws the viewer in nicely in some of the more intense scenes, however it has the draw back that too much of it causes some viewers physical discomort.  About halfway through the movie, I started getting eye strain and soon after a headache insued.  The only other time I’ve ever experienced this type of actual physical response to the cinematography of a movie is with Natural Born Killers.  That movie took three tries to get through it just once.  The odd camera angles, the pan-ins and pan-outs and the psychedelic colors threw me for a loop, and nausiated me at some points. 

The film jitter gets old after a while when watching the film after the first time.  It almost takes away from the enjoyment of watching the movie again, because you now know what to expect, and want to see all the detail.  However, all you get is a hurried blur and then it’s on to the next scene.  

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