Neo Got A Raw Deal

Players fear no authority figure.  Most of the time.  A good GM will make it clear that player actions have consequences, and sometimes those consequences lead to rolling a new character.  As a GM, sometimes you have to lay down the law to your players.  Let them know who’s in charge. There’s a fine line to this though, players aren’t overly attached to beginning characters, and you risk killing the game altogether when you kill off a character.  

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  1. Once I got put in a psychiatric ward for a few weeks.  If anyone wants to know why, look at my user name.  While I was there, they played the John Tesh Show on the overhead speakers every single day, all day.  I now hate all forms of 21st century pop music.  After I was released, I listened to classic rock and roll music every day for a month just to get all that nasty emo crap out of my head.

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