Pointer Sister

Here we get a glimpse of Chad’s character, Trinity, in action.  Chad is your typical min/maxer.  For those who aren’t familiar with the term "min/maxer", it’s a person that looks at a game and creates an optimized character based on the rules, loopholes and arcane majicks.  The result is typically a super character that the game designers never dreamed could be created.  Min/Maxers typically have an intimate knowledge of the rules of the game rivaling that of even the rules lawyer (which will be discussed in a future episode).

The fatal flaw to most min/max characters is that they are only really good at one aspect of the game, like combat (as seen here).  They may not be detect the sound of a freight train directly behind them, nor have the intelligence to find their ass with a map and both hands, but you point them toward the enemy and they are a one man army.

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