A Spoonful of Sugar

Make sure that when inserting foreign objects into player characters that you have enough henchmen to hold them down.  Nothing is more frustrating than when a player rolls a successful dodge vs. insertion.

Wow, that sounds totally inappropriate. 

Back Against the Wall

Players sometimes get a god complex where they think they are untouchable.  Making your players powerless for a short time and having your way with them drags them back to the reality that their players live at the GM’s whim, and you don’t mess with the GM.

Don’t Speak

 As a GM, in order to keep the game moving forward, you sometimes have to use executive power and override player freedom.  This will be met with resistance, and it’s a delicate balance to maintain.  The power can be used too much or abused, and that usually spells death for the game.  Throw the player a bone and give them the illusion of a savings throw.

And to translate the last frame: "Savings roll, Bitch!"


 Sometimes GMs are the embodiment of evil.  We just tell ourselves it’s for the good of the game, to make it more believable, if we have trouble getting to sleep at night.

Living in the Past

 Most of the time players gloss over their character bios.  They usually jot down one or two lines of generic backstory and focus more on the here-and-now, then fill in their history as it’s convenient.  What’s fun is when a player totally blows off the bio and makes up some ridiculous back story.  Wedging it into the game repeatedly makes the game even more fun for both the GM and players.  Except for the player with the bad back story, that is.

Neo Got A Raw Deal

Players fear no authority figure.  Most of the time.  A good GM will make it clear that player actions have consequences, and sometimes those consequences lead to rolling a new character.  As a GM, sometimes you have to lay down the law to your players.  Let them know who’s in charge. There’s a fine line to this though, players aren’t overly attached to beginning characters, and you risk killing the game altogether when you kill off a character.  


Juggling players and their personalities can be harrowing at times, especially when some of the players aren’t exactly friendly towards one another.  It doesn’t help that some players tend to steal the show once in a while and re-railing them sometimes makes the game concentrate on their character more than others.  As a GM, you don’t just manage the game setting, environment and NPCs, you also have to sometimes manage the people playing the game as well. 

Free Fallin’

 Despite your best efforts as a GM to get your players’ characters where you want them to be, they will inevitably muck up the works and go the opposite direction.